Kamto’s 10 ambazonian sins (Ayah Ayah Abine)

Following yesterday’s uproar on the social media to the effect that Kamto snubbed Ambazonian leaders, this platform finds it necessary to spell out Kamto’s sins and deliverance strategic as follows:

1. His first sin is to have championed the cause of the suffering people of Southern Cameroons to spheres and heights that very few free ambazonian leaders have so far done.

2. His second sin is being a political power house of the Republic of Cameroon, seeking regime change.

3. His third sin is to have clearly stated his position for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, which to him, and contrary to the Ambazonian leadership, is a federal Cameroon.

4. His fourth sin is not to be the legal and internationally recognised occupier of the Etoudi Palace, implying that he’s no decision maker until the contrary is proven.

5. His 5th sin is the fact that he’s diplomatically inclined, shunning down all forceful options to arrest the current catastrophe, as opposed to those seeking audience.

6. His 6th sin is his smartness to avoid any controversy that will give his enemies any leverage to chain him again.

7. His 7th sin finding himself in between the valley of death to the right, and the den of loins to the left, as he walks on a very tiny dangerous path in his quest to the heavens.

8. His 8th original sin is his drive to create profound awareness at home and abroad of the dangers of ignoring the current Southern Cameroonian crisis especially among the French speaking diaspora.

9. His 9th mortal sin is the fact that he’s exposing the ongoing atrocities and extraordinary killings in this part of the world more than several of Ambazonian leaders who hold ‘power’ and as such, stealing the show.

10. His 10th unforgivable sin is the truism that he’s drawing more and more worldwide attention to his crusade far more than several of the leaders of the struggle are.

How to cleanse Kamto’s sins

Unless I’ve lost my mind, Kamto didn’t declare war on our people

Unless I’m wrong, Kamto is calling for an end to the genocide which is a good thing for us all.

Unless I’m wrong, Kamto has already very clearly stated his stance and I don’t see why his approach is disturbing.

Unless I’m wrong, Kamto doesn’t take political decision for the Republic of Cameroon and so talking with him or not, doesn’t bind both Cameroons.

Unless I’m wrong, Kamto is President of a political party in the Republic of Cameroon, with the objective of seeking regime change, which isn’t what the Ambazonian leadership stands for.

LET’S LEAVE KAMTO ALONE. HE’S NOT THE SOURCE/CAUSE OF OUR GRIEF. He’s rather seeking solutions to our pain in his own way and even better than a lot of us.

By Ayah Ayah Abine

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