Lions managed a 3-2 victory over Chipolopolo

It was 7:30p.m. local time in Mamfe when the indomitable lions of Cameroon took on their counterparts from Zambia in their second group match in the ongoing CAN 2010 in Angola after suffering a humiliating defeat from Gabon last Wednesday.
It was a ‘must win’ for the Lions to progress to the second round of the competition. Despite the delicate nature of the match, the lions were far below expectation all through the first half of the game. Reason why Zambia took an 8 minute lead that they sustained all through the first 45 minutes of  the match.
A disappointing lead that left  fans back home in Muyuka, Mbalmayo, Mokolo, and the rest of the national triangle to wonder aloud if Rigobert Song is still ‘man enough’ to represent the nation in an important tournament like this. There is no gain saying that Cameroonians have started doubting the competence of head coach Paul Le Guen after he selected R. Song and leaving behind Bassong away for the competition. These doubts were clear after watching  him in the first two games of the group. Many still think something needs to be done, especially at the level of the defense.
Something which was actually done at the second half of the game as Le Guen’s double substitution soon saw Geremi hitting a wonderful equalizer, and giving the Lions the essential three points after a late header from idrissou that put the Lions in front  till the end of the match.
Despite getting the essential victory of the day, many Cameroonians still expects head coach to do some work most especially at the defense before next Thursday’s another ‘must win’ encounter against Tunisia.
After losing their place for the 2010 world cup in S. Africa, the Tunisians with two points in the group have only the Africa nations cup to prove their worth. Thus they are expected to fight to the end against the Lions in order to gain a place for the second round of the competition.
Let the Lions roar come next Thursday.

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