Kenya : Jubilee will suffer most after Supreme Court releases full judgement on Tuesday,September 19

Jubilee will suffer most after Supreme Court releases full judgement on Tuesday,September 19

Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru may end up losing his majority rule in Parliament after the Supreme Court gives it full judgment on why it cancelled his win
– Lawyer Donald Kipkorir argues that many petitions filed after the ruling was made may result into by-elections and this is where Uhuru may lose most
– The court will on Tuesday,September 19 give a detailed judgment on why it annulled Uhuru’s win

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee party may suffer most following the decision of the Supreme Court to annul his win and order a repeat election.

According to lawyer Donald Kipkorir, a detailed ruling of the court's decision may result in Jubilee losing a number of the seats it has already won.

The party won a majority of MP seats both in the National Assembly and Senate as well as in wards.

Kipkori argues that the Supreme Court ruling may result into the party losing its majority as it may lose many of the petitions.

"The judgment of the Supreme Court is binding on all courts, institutions and individuals in Kenya. In its detailed judgment, if the Supreme Court sets out that IEBC conducted the presidential election fraudulently, recklessly and criminally, then all pending petitions will succeed. Thirty-one out of 47 Counties have gubernatorial petitions. Of 290 parliamentary seats, there are 92 Petitions. With continued onslaught of the Judiciary by Jubilee politicians, Jubilee Party may end up holding the short end of the stick in the petitions outcome," he opined.

Jubilee will suffer most after Supreme Court releases full judgement on Tuesday,September 19

Raila Odinga

The Supreme Court will render its full judgment on Tuesday, September 19 giving the reasoning behind the decision to annul Uhuru's win.

Kipkorir says the full judgement will have longtime effects on the country's future elections and result into an avalanche of by-elections.

"The by-elections that will be held in June, 2018, will be mini General Elections. Between now and then, Kenya will basically be in perpetual campaign mood," the lawyer argued.

He also said other African countries will also borrow from Kenya's Supreme Court adding that in "presidents will no longer rest easy on incumbency".

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