Covid-19 / Cameroon: Masterful and scathing reply of Pr. Kamto to the wanderings of an “illiterate” of law named Atanga Nji (Video)

Jealous of the popular success recorded by the humanitarian program Survie-Cameroun Survival Initiative (SCSI) set up by Maurice Kamto in order to translate into reality the spirit of solidarity of the Cameroonians in prey to the ravages of Covid-19 and abandoned to them- Even by the highest authority of their country, the Cameroonian government, through the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, decided to ban, this initiative unanimously welcomed by national and international opinion.

it is not superfluous to note that to date, this initiative is the only one that has been supported by Cameroonians from within as well as those from the diaspora (the wealthy as well as the poor), while the vaguely suggested idea of ​​a contribution of 1,000 CFA francs of the same Cameroonians to the Special National Solidarity Fund created by … “President Biya” a few days earlier, had rather aroused a general outcry, the Cameroonians believing that the regime could, as usual, have found in the Coronavirus, another means of enriching its daring members who would not hesitate to divert the fruits of the collection. Only businessmen who are members of the ruling party subscribed, admittedly remarkably, to the government initiative.

By deciding to stop the initiative of Kamto which had already allowed to garner some 300 million, the Minister of Territorial Administration, whose main mission -to believe some- would be to mark in the pants the former candidate for the presidential election, demonstrates, if it were still necessary, that the government is so committed to the politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic that it cannot fail to take umbrage at the least saving initiative that does not bear its stamp, or whose author has not sworn allegiance to him.

If some analysts think that ‘‘Atanga Nji is only doing the dirty work that has been entrusted to him, understood that it takes a patent illiterate to hold on to one of the most brilliant lawyers in the world, because not bothering with the rules of law which he doesn’t know damn anything about’’, other Cameroonians suspect the Minister of Territorial Administration to ‘be part of a large conspiracy to make the regime of President Biya completely odious to make its fall easier via a popular revolt – through criminal statements to make believe that in the event of a fire in the concession, a family member should ask the authorization of the head of the family to put out the fire

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Reacting in a statement in French and in English to the press release from Atanga Nji (see the video below) qualified as criminal by a good fringe of opinion, the Aggregate of Law Maurice Kamto warned the regime which employs the former banker bankrupt against the deterioration of the situation relating to the mad race in which the Covid-19 pandemic is engaged in the case of Cameroon, not without threatening to hold it responsible for any deaths that may still occur among the Cameroonian population because of this disease.

MAURICE KAMTO’s statement following the MINAT press release of April 07, 2020 on fundraising

Of course, by the way, Maurice Kamto did not hesitate to sweep aside the legal quibbles of his opponent in service, and generously taught him the methodology of interpreting legal texts.

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