Cameroon/Policy: Bar. Awasum Mispa of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement designated BEST WOMAN POLICY 2020

′′ Barrister Awasum Mispa is elected politician of the year in Cameroon for the year 2020 ”. Unknown to the general public, the young woman came out of the lot showing courage during the march she organized for the end of the sequestration from Professor Maurice Kamto.

Referred to the Military Court after two days in a police cell for carrying out a march of protest against Maurice Kamto’s sequestration with about twenty women, Awasum Mispa was presented on Monday, November 23, 2020 before the judge of instruction.

She’s going to be meant for the charges against her. That is: ′′ complicity in revolution and rebellion “. ′′ Facts planned and punished by articles 74, 97, 114 and 157 of the Criminal Code “, according to the investigating judge who signed his remandable 6 months remand. Renewable. The 31-year-old intern attorney had been taken to Kondengui Central Prison.

The President of Women of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (Mrc), was released Friday, November 27, 2020. In a video alongside her lawyers, including Emmanuel Simh and Hyppolite Meli, the one who had just sent a correspondence to MRC militants to resist Paul Biya’s authoritarian regime, was not completely satisfied.

While still in detention after her arrest last November, Me Mispa Awasum spoke in very strong terms to her compatriots very worried about her : “Don’t worry about me, the most important thing is to stay engaged. We are on the right track. Thank you all for worrying about me, but I’m fine.
I did what needed to be done to:
👉The release of our leader, President Maurice KAMTO and all our political friends,
👉 Unconditional resolution of the crisis in the North West and South West,
👉That we have a consensual electoral system.
I love you”

′′ I’m happy with my release, but I’m also sad because I left several Mrc militants in Kodengui “, she said.

In October 2020, she flagged Douala to support the prisoners. Under the supervision of Me Awasum Mispa, MRC women in Douala, were preparing daily to feed our prisoners incarcerated in New Bell.

On December 31, 2020, she left with some women doing cleanliness with her hands, around Maurice Kamto’s home.

On March 18, 2020, MRC Women’s President Awasum Mispa visited a family of internally displaced persons from the NOSO crisis. She had gone to support 18 warfare children to refuge in Yaounde, all in a 03 room sleeping on the ground and no way to feed.

#ctaText??#  Clôture des activités de SCSI : Voici pourquoi Maurice Kamto change d’auditeur et promet la vie dure à tout coupable de détournement

On December 25, 2020, the President of MRC Women led a delegation to Kondengui Prison in the afternoon to bring food to political prisoners, as well as to deliver a significant donation of food bags for others Prisoners.

It’s based on the polls of the online newspaper, the Remy Ngono Official Facebook page, the Ants Magnans association, the Conseil des Camerounians de la Diaspora and a jury of civil society figures including lawyers, doctors , journalists, entrepreneurs, that the young president of MRC women was elected with an overwhelming score of 65 % ahead of Kah wallah and Ngoh Issi.

On the 2020 Best Women Politics category, each jury member had the opportunity to choose three figures. The 1st name won 3 points, the second 2 points and the third 1 points.

On the same occasion, Maurice Kamto was voted the best politician of the year. A double victory for the MRC, the political party that gives the Biya regime nightmares ′′

Jean Bonheur Résistant

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