Cameroon/War Propaganda : Presumed buried alive by Ambazonians, a lady would have risen, according to Tapang Ivo

According to the secessionist Communicator Tapang Ivo, the alleged assassination of a woman by the secessionists of Ambazonia would be the pipe invented and staged by the opponents of the Republic to blacken those who fight for the restoration of independence of the former territory of Southern Cameroon, today “Ambazonia”.

“Proof in support”, Tapang Ivo tries to make clear in a video post broadcast on September 30 on the Youtube channel of TV rebelists Rebel TV – Ambazonia, that the lady in question is alive and well, and that she also found herself among the “Ambazonian fighters” who came to present urbi and orbi at the Palais des Congrès on September 30, at the opening ceremony of the Grand National Dialogue, as repentant murderers .

It should be noted that this video, which does not necessarily convince, nor is it to be rejected a priori, was published on September 30th itself.

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