Cameroon Biya Brings Glocks and 9mm to Geneva For A Month Lawless Like UN of Guterres (Inner City Press)

Cameroon’s Biya. His Praetorian Guard will be heavily armed during his trip to Switzerland (Illustration)

By Matthew Russell Lee, Letter  Denial Docs

UNITED NATIONS GATE, April 8 – With Cameroon’s 37 year president Paul Biya heads to Geneva for yet another month vacation paid in cash stolen from Cameroonians, and his army burned Anglophone villages in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, he’s applied to bring in guns to Switzerland.

The filing lists Glocks and 9mm guns and ammunition, all the trappings of legality from a gangster, like on recent UNSG trips with UN Security which roughs up the Press for Biya’s friend Antonio Guterres, even tricking the New York Police Department to get involved, on the sidewalks of New York.

The names of Biya’s guards, with suites in Geneva paid in cash: Colonel Hollong Etienne, with a Glock with 30 bullets; Mendeme Rodrigue with a 9 mm 90 bullets; Mike Davy with a Glock with 30 bullets; Mvondo Alfred, Blaise Russel, Bitegue Olivier, Max Mossain, Lema Ferdinand, Nna Moise, Landry Stessy and Silvestre Ose with a Glock and 30 bullets. Do the guards of Antonio Guterres, so quick to rough up and censor the Press, even make such filings? We’ll have more on this.

   As the Cameroon government of 37 year President Paul Biya continues slaughtering civilians in the Anglophone regions as well as in the North, it  re-engaged Washington lobbying firm Squire Patton Boggs, on a retainer of $100,000 per quarter plus expenses, documents show. The UN belatedly acknowledged to Inner City Press, which UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had roughed up on July 3 right after it spoke to Cameroon’s Ambassador Tommo Monthe, that Guterres met with a Cameroon delegation on July 11. Guterres’ spokesman Farhan Haq has six times refused to answer Inner City Press e-mailed question whether Guterres was aware his meeting was stage managed by lobbyists at Patton Boggs, and what was discussed. While suspended but before the UN outrageously purported to impose a lifetime ban on entry, Inner City Press asked the same and more to the Dutch Mission to the UN, in writing and in person. (And had on its “WOB” appeal a hearing, albeit by Skype, below, as now Dutch Ambassador Karel von Oosterom and his Spokesman refuse to answer any Inner City Press questions, unlike other UNSC Ambassador, November 19 video here.) Now belatedly on April5 from The Hague, which  months ago said the documents would be provided by the end of that week: “Dear Mr. Lee… after careful reconsideration of the confidentiality of all documents involved, I have decided that certain documents can be partly disclosed. This involves documents numbers 2, 3, 4,5,7, t8, 19,20,2L,22,23,24,27,29,30, 36 of the full inventory list annexed to this decision. These redacted documents are attached to this decision, Fora total numberof 13 pages in the document numbers 2, 18,21,22,23,27, 36, no substantial information was left after applying the exemption grounds of the Wob. I therefore removed these pages from the documents.  Ad b. Your objection that the second part of your request, concerning documents related to the area around the Delegates Entrance Gate and related to freedom of the Press, has not been mentioned in the Wob-decision, is founded.” For now, we have putting online some documents,  here on Patreon and here on Scribd, including for initial crowd-sourcing.  Of course, this is AFTER the Netherlands has left the Security Council. Watch this site… After Guterres banned Inner City Press from entry from July 3 onward, in order to report on the UN Inner City Press had to seek answers other than at the UN Noon Briefing and UN Security Council stakeout position, from which Guterres and Smale also banned it. Inner City Press asks question in front of the UN Delegates Entrance, and has gotten about put online responses from, among others, outgoing UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid, Burundi’s Ambassador, and on August 20, for example, a diplomat on the North Korea sanctions committee — whose Dutch chair Karel van Oosterom refused to comment.

 This stakeout is where Inner City Press asks questions only because Guterres and Smale have banned it since July 3. But in her August 17 letter, Smale justifies the ban imposed July 3 with this post-July 3 interviews, and says that UNnamed member states – and somehow correspondents – have complained.

 Is that Dutch Ambassador Karel van Oosterom? Inner City Press submitted a FOIA or WOB request – and now an appealon which there will be a Skype hearing, including based on October 7 election irregularities and the denial’s evasion on Dutch role in UN censorship which now includes a secret barred list which violations applicable law, see below.  First, the request: “This is request under the WOB / Dutch Freedom of Information act for the following records as that term is defined in WOB, including but not limited to all electronic records, emails, text/SMS message and communications in any form, involving the Netherlands Mission to the UN in New York since August 15, 2017 regarding Cameroon and/or Southern Cameroons and all meeting including Amb van Oosterom’s July 11 meeting with Cameroonian ministers, all responses to communications received about Cameroon including but not limited to Inner City Press’ communications of

July 14, 2018 to “Eybergen, Bas van”
[email protected]
Frits.Kemperman [at],
[email protected], Oosterom and Kaag

July 25, 2018 to the same recipients;
and August 12, 2018 to the same recipients;
and multiple verbal questions to your PR and DPR since July 3.
  To explain the last part of this request, the head of UN Dep’t of Public Info Alison Smale in issuing a lifetime ban to my on August 17 wrote “”We would also note your conduct at the entrances of the United Nations premises and nearby, including the use of profanities and derogatory assertions and language toward individuals accessing the United Nations, in close proximity to them. Video / live broadcasts of this are frequently published on the Inner City Press’ website and other media platforms. This conduct gives rise to potential safety concerns for Member State diplomats…The conduct described above has generated multiple complaints to the United Nations from Member States.”

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