“Elections in Cameroon without reforming the electoral code: irresponsible and disrespectful!” (ACT/AGIR)

The image below challenges us and reminds us that there is already a foul play even before the competition has started: it is irresponsible and disrespectful towards the Cameroonian people to go to elections without reforming the electoral code, given the strong recommendations of local and international actors.

Répartition des sièges de députés par région. Toute la fraude originelle commence par là

By convening the twin elections for 9 February 2019, in the absence of an inclusive dialogue to peacefully resolve the crisis in the Anglophone regions and the post-electoral crisis following the 2018 presidential election, Paul Biya has proved once again that he does not care about the grievances of Cameroonians and is ready to do anything to maintain the status quo, namely a hypercentralized state that makes him to hold all the powers, to the detriment of the people.

As several diagnoses have shown, this state architecture is the fundamental cause of the multifaceted crises observed today in Cameroon, through various manifestations: a failed and terrifying state, an increasingly unbalanced regional development, a societal crisis of living together has produced a divided, dislocated and dismantled society. Thus, participating in these elections would simply be reproducing this status quo.

With regard to politics, the priority of the ACT-AGIR movement is to contribute to the advent of inclusive, credible and reliable political institutions that can empower and fully develop its citizens. From this perspective, the electoral system is at the heart of these institutions. It must enable citizens to freely choose competent and legitimate leaders constantly accountable to people.


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